Practitioner Biz Resources

Why I created Practitioner Biz Resources

Being a Practitioner often means you wear a lot of hats. Even if you are lucky enough to have help you need to know a little bit about everyone else’s jobs so you can give them the right projects to work on. That’s why I’ve created this list of the Practitioner Biz Resources I use and love!

I found all the companies on my Practitioner Biz Resources list after investing lots of time and money in the wrong companies and discovering how not to do things. I’m really trying to save to you time, money, and anxiety (although there are herbs for that). As a business owner saving money while getting stellar service and amazing products helps you profit more while offering your best to the world.

If you need a website where would you buy a domain name?


The customer service and product support at webnames is amazing. Their live support has helped me troubleshoot problems quickly and in a friendly way. I never feel ‘stupid’ when I work with this company. Their domains may not be the absolute cheapest, but they are competitively priced and the job gets done right when they help you do it! That’s why they’ve made it onto my Practitioner Biz Resource list.

Once you have your domain name, where would your website live? (website host)

Your website lives on a server. You can buy and maintain your own server if you are computer-savy. I am not. I needed a website host who would help me get things up and running and who would help me troubleshoot problems. I tried a couple of hosts last year when I was moving and rebuilding my site – and saw quickly most did not follow-through with their promises of support. I did more research and ended up with SiteGround and I could not be happier!

Building a website can be a technical nightmare if you are not a webmaster. I’m not. SiteGround helped me lay the foundation for a site quickly and easily. Lots of online tutorials, live chat help (I’ve never waited more than 60 seconds to be connected), and a super smart tech desk for more advanced problems made this hosting company a true find!  To get this kind of support you do need to buy in on the ‘Go Big’ package.  It’s totally worth it for unlimited support when you need it! That’s why SiteGround is on my Practitioner Biz Resources list.


Easily Build Your Website on WordPress.Org

Then who would build it? You can if you know how. By far the BEST teacher I’ve ever found is …… (this information is on its way. As soon as I have a link to her next workshop I’ll post it here for you.)

(link is on its way)

Get the Word Out, Capture Leads, Build Your List

And how would you entice each visitor to give you his/her precious email address so you can provide them with even more valuable and appropriate information? That’s what the good people at Leadpages are all about!  The support (one-on-one, live) is totally amazing when you go with a 2-year, advanced annual account. The investment it SO worth it to help you market your business to the world. That’s why LeadPages is on my Practitioner Biz Resources list.


Take it from me – the queen of do-it-myself – bringing the right services with the best coaching and support on board will help you reach your perfect clients, reduce your stress, and help you earn the income you deserve. I invite you to search out all of the businesses on my Practitioner Biz Resources list. You’ll be glad you did!