Get the Skinny on Summer Weight Loss

6-week live and virtual program

Lower Prices for  Summer – Now There’s No Excuse!

Would you like to jumpstart your weight loss? Or do you have five to ten pounds you want to get rid of? I just might have an answer for you! This will be an intense program specifically to help you dissolve the last five pounds – we all know that ‘last five pounds’ is the hardest – or to give you an amazing jumpstart to your program.

One problem with summer is the prevalence of barbecues! Think of all the yummy things that tempt you – pop, ice before and after weight loss female 250px shrunkcream, slushies, salads made with marshmallows or jello, and the over-abundance of fruit – but fruit is good for you, right?

And then there’s the heat that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you seek shade (or your child’s wading pool) and a cold beverage (probably sugar-loaded) or a double-decker frozen yogurt cone!

Whether you live in Calgary or on Vancouver Island – this program is for you! Read on to see how you can join me for IN.FORM, face-to-face or remotely!

Here’s how to join me for the FREE info meeting where you’ll be in on the first class for the IN.FORM program:
1) If you prefer face-to-face workshops, just call me at 403-850-5503 to reserve your spot for the free info evening Tuesday June 21 @ 7 PM. I’ll give you the Canyon Meadows address when you register.
2) If coming to the meeting doesn’t work for you and you want to join us virtually, then click here to register. Same date and time – Tuesday June 21 @ 7 PM
Yes, we are going to do this and all the meetings in this IN.FORM session by simulcast!

I know you don’t want to put on even an ounce of fat. You probably want to lose a few pounds instead. I can help you, and in the process you just might find that you enjoy …

  • an increased energy level
  • better sleep
  • better moods
  • better hormonal balance
  • improved body shape
  • better digestion
  • healthier looking skin

This 6-week condensed version of IN.FORM will help you NOT gain weight during barbecue season. It can also help you trim down, lose a few pounds (up to 10), shed some fat, increase your muscle mass, and learn how to keep the weight off without dying of hunger!

Knowledge is power, and you’ll get all the info of the full 13-week course in 6 weeks – and the best part is you get the Skinny tuition of only $149 (+ GST) when you register at the upcoming free info session. Bring a friend who enrolls with you and you’ll each get the program for just $99 per person. (GST extra) 

Here’s what’s included:

  • 7 sessions (including the info session – yes, we start off right away with great information to get you started fast!)
  • 2 – 30 minute private consultations with me (one early on and one near the end) to assess your health and unique needs, to be done face-to-face or by Skype (worth $60 each)
  • Manual loaded with great info, tips, and tricks to support your success
  • Food journal – to help you keep on track for a full 12 weeks
  • Weekly weigh-ins with measurements to track your success (tape measure supplied for remote students)
  • Private Facebook support group for between-session support
  • Menu planning ideas
  • Fitness & movement ideas
  • Group support to cheer you on
  • Lots of personally-tailored support and information to help you achieve the success you want!

If you’re going to miss a week for vacation – no problem – I’ve got you covered! Come find out how!

Come to the free info session, or join us online,  to learn how you can get healthier, increase your energy, and lose weight healthfully with IN.FORM.

Tuesday, 21 June, 7 – 8:30 PM MDT

Tuition is $149 per person. Bring a friend who signs up at the same time you’ll invest just $99 per person. The use of NSP products is required to participate in the program.” *people who are member’s of another NSP sponsor’s downline can join the program for only $249*

There are two ways to reserve your seat for the free evening and to participate in the program:

  1. Face-to-face at my home – call 403-850-5503 to reserve your spot and I’ll give you the address.
  2. By live webcam (we won’t be able to see you but we will be able to hear you and you will be able to see and hear us) – click here to reserve your online seat


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